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Harley-Davidson Katowice


Timeless elegance. With fire. You deserve this style. Because city is not always a jungle. Idea for Battle of the Kings contest was to deliver tuned HO Revolution X™ engine in smooth form. Our XG750 is small but swift, comfort and elegant with forward control and lower handlebar. All body parts were ennobled by piano black coats, black anodized aluminum or gunship gray. Wind deflector from XG750A and customized stock exhaust in line with black hardened suspension ads emotions and fire.


Handlebar -  TRW MCL127SS 

Mirrors - Oxford 

Exhaust - Customized 64900210 HD 

Fender skirt - Customized 59500083 HD 

Plate holder -  Free Spirits 

Axle cover - 43000026 

Grips - 56100142 

Medallion – 14101079 

Forward controls -  Free Spirits 

Foot peg Assembly passenger -  50500576 / 50500577

Wind deflector - 57000672DH

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