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Estonia 100

Harley-Davidson Tallinn


Our keywords are history and glamour. This is the bike that inspired us, Estonia 100th and Harley-Davidson 115th anniversary year, our entry for Battle of the Kings 2018. To make this Street Rod XG750A more glamorous, we installed wheel 28-Spoke 17X3 Front Chrome & Black and wheel 28-Spoke 16X5 Rear Chrome & Black. There is a handmade fuel tank (Capacity 18l or 4,76gal) on the motorcycle and also front and rear fender plus larger headlight 7`` is installed in front of it in order to highlight the old school. To get the rear stiffer we exchanged rear suspension. We added an extra light package new Colorado led turn signals in front and Colorado Led taillight/turn signal combo. We made the number base and rear light bracket by hand causing the mud to fly back. Exhaust slip-on is from used bike which is a ceramic coating. Seat is also handmade.

KALEV SÄDE has experience with customization of bikes for customers. Working in Harley-Davidson Tallinn for 4,5 years and 1 year for Harley-Davidson dealer in Australia (Fraser motorcycles) makes him a factory trained technician.


Genuine Harley-Davidson parts & accessories used:                                      

42195-10 Wheel Cast 17IN 28Spoke Front

42196-10 Wheel Cast 16IN 28 Spoke Rear

43115-09A Dunlop D408F 130/80-17 SW

43332-09 Dunlop D407 180/65-16 SW

6276B Bearing, Non ABS

9252A Bearing, ABS Wheel

41900-08 Sleeve Rr Wheel  

41810-08b Brake Rotor  

54000086 Shock Asy, RR, Black  

69783-08a Headlamp Asy, 7IN, HDI                            


Aftermarket (non H-D) parts used:          

913743 Colorado Turn Signals  

913887 Colorado Led Taillight/Turn Signals  

961694 Gas Cap Buing

232020 Kreem Combo Pak Tank    

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