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Calgary Harley-Davidson

Model :SPORT GLIDE Category :RACE

What is the “Name” of the BOTK bike?



Which stock H-D model have you chosen for this year’s BOTK and from which platform?

2018 Sport Glide


Which bike build category did you choose and why?

RACE - We wanted to bring the iconic motorcycle of Harley-Davidson back with a modern twist. The 2018 FLSB Sport Glide aka Moonshine screams “I am back”. It gave our team the perfect opportunity to showcase what we believe the 2019 FXRT would and should look like.


Did anything or anyone provide inspiration for the design?

The inspiration for Moonshine came from the 1983-1992 FXRT Sport Glide. Its vintage club style touring is built for today’s riders and we wanted to bring it back. In order to make the bike “pop”, our design team felt it was best to use copper in place of chrome against the Harley-Davidson Vivid Black to be more visually appealing to our audience. The design was a group effort among our whole service team.


What significant changes have you made e.g. frame chassis modification, wheel change, and different tank?

Our team used mostly Harley-Davidson parts and accessories including a STAGE 1 Screamin’ Eagle pro street tuner, SCREAMIN' EAGLE 10MM PHAT SPARK PLUG WIRES BLACK, black H-D hand control lever kit, H-D gloss black engine covers and H-D mid-controls, and H-D 7” Daymaker adaptive LED headlights. We mounted an ’84 style FXRT fairing and closed the tire gap, then painted it to match the front fairing and saddlebags. The new H-D Dominion grips, rider pegs, passenger pegs, and mirrors were refined with real copper plating and CHD Cerakote. The customization of Moonshine shows it is the true Battle of the Kings bike because it is the perfect combination of Harley-Davidson and aftermarket accessories, making it easy for anyone worldwide to reproduce.


What is your view is the most special part/change about/to the bike?

The aggressive riding position.


Are there any build details/changes that need to be mentioned to appreciate?

No major changes were done to the bike, as Harley hit a home run, the details were the biggest change on this build to amplify the great parts already on this bike.


Have any areas of the build presented challenges?

Timeline - fitting this project in along with other ongoing projects.


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Justin Willimont (29) - Service Technician. 

The BOTK build is a dealership bike, but is there a custom arm of the business? If yes, what’s the title? 

CHD Customs, Calgary Harley-Davidson Custom Division.

How did you first get into bikes?

My parents rode before I was born, they picked up riding again when I was in high school. My best experience was learning to ride on my mom’s 883 XL in the yard.


What inspired your passion for two wheels?

My parents inspired me, along with the ability to create something different with customization and personal choice.


What makes Harley so special?

Harley-Davidson is an iconic brand that expresses freedom and personal choice. Each bike tells a different story about the rider’s style.


Why custom in particular?

Bikes are not a necessity, they are a choice. Customizing allows the owner to make it their own.


How long have you been customizing?

8 years.


Any previous BOTK builds you’ve been involved with?

This is the first one.




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H-D P&A List

-7’ Daymaker Adaptive Led Headlamp

-7” Headlamp mounting ring- Black

-Dominion Collection, small footpegs, large footpegs, shifter peg, hand grips, mirrors, fuel caps- all in black anodized.

-Screamin eagle street tuner

-Screamin eagle 10mm phat spark plug wires black

-Black hand control levers

-Milwaukee-eight gloss black rocker box cover upper, cam cover, and tappet covers

-All components for install Mid-controls, outer primary cover coated gloss back to match H-D engine covers  


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