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The Bowker Centenary Edition

Bowker Harley-Davidson

Model :FORTY-EIGHT Category :CHOP

Being a Sales person in my first year at Bowker HD, and my first BOTK competition, I was keen to throw myself in and get involved with making the vision I had into reality by working closely with our technician Andy Sealeaf. 2019 marks 100 years since our parent company, WH Bowker, was established when William Bowker used his war gratuity to buy the first vehicle. He began making local deliveries in Lancashire earning a reputation for a pioneering spirit and an innovative approach to transport industry's needs. Our entry tips our visors to our Founder and the design is styled on the original Bowker truck and branding.


We’ve chopped off the back end of the Forty-Eight’s frame for a simplistic and clean look and the tank painted to reflect the original design on the truck. I think the most important things that will bring the look together, are the tank – painted in a way that reflects the original paint scheme on the first Bowker Transport truck – and the H-D Brass Collection, which gives the hand crafted, authentic visual that we are going for. 


I have a friend Mike Le who owns his own workshop in Texas. His work has been a source of inspiration for me for a long time and I have always wanted to design a sportster with his iconic exhausts and air filters on. Given the style and nature of our build, I feel that some of his products really accentuate the look we’re trying to achieve. For example, the Kinetic Motorcycle’s Air Filter that we have chosen adds to the antiquated, old world vibe.

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Kate Ralph (27) – Sales Consultant. I’ve always loved bikes; as a small child I used to peer through the curtains to watch my dad arrive home from work on one of his many bikes. He used to have pictures of old bikes hanging up in the garage that I’d always gaze up at. I used to ride pillion with him and he’d drop me off at school; I felt like I was the most badass kid at the school gates. As soon as I hit 16 years-old, I took my Compulsory Basic Training and hit the road on my first two-wheeled machine, a little scoot.


Harley is now quite special to me as I was quite late to the brand. My life had never pointed me in the direction of Harleys as my Dad was an adventure bike fan. Despite this, I was never all that picky about specific types of bikes, as I think there is certainly a purpose for all genres of bikes and can respect them for what they each can offer.


What I love about Harley-Davidson is the fact that it’s rare you will see two the same. Even if it’s just small mods, the Harley Genuine Parts and Accessories catalogue in all its might has something for everyone to create their dream bike.


I think the world would be very boring if we all liked the same thing! If someone customises their bike, even if it isn’t to your taste, you can still respect and admire the effort that has gone into a Harley to make it truly unique and individual to the owner.

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H-D P&A: Brass Collection Hand Grips Bronze, Fuel Cap Bronze, Timer Cover and Derby Cover. H-D Solo Spring Saddle and Fitting Kit.


Other: Kinetic Motorcycles 540 Lateral Exhaust, Hex Dome Air filter, Drag Bars, Tank Lift, Coil Leads & mount, Shorty rear shocks, side mount licence kit. Custom rear fender.

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