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Reading Harley-Davidson

Model :IRON 1200 Category :CHOP

As far as chassis modifications go, we chopped the rear end of the frame and modified the front fork yokes – we have gone with a bottom mount headlamp and new chrome-laced wheels; 16-inch at the rear and 21in up front. The wheels are the key to the stance and style of this bike. We’ve added our own air filters as well. The exhaust is the original with subtle changes that include our own tips.


John Marco, from the dealership’s workshop, and I love the Japanese custom scene. What the Japanese can build from a stock Sportster is unreal and we are absolutely in to that style exercise. We’ve taken cues and partially recreated them into this year’s BOTK build. One thing I have to say, especially to Harley-Davidson customers and fans, is with the abundance of genuine Harley accessory parts, customising is not about having to make everything now. And this is one reason why I love customising!

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Richard Tegg (31) – Parts Supervisor. Bikes have been in the family my whole life. I will always remember my father bringing bikes of real radical styles home every week, e,g, 1970s-styled choppers. My uncle, he custom-built his own chopper, which, after he passed away, I got fully restored and now own.


In the same way as my father and uncle, I ride bikes for the sense of freedom. I put my riding gear on and go ride; it’s a very personal thing and it gives me time on my own to think.


I’ve been involved with all previous Reading BOTK builds but, it’s the same with all customer builds, nine times out of ten we will try to get everyone from the dealership involved, be it for comment, ideas and so on.


The real joy of Harley-Davidson motorcycles is that you can take a stock showroom bike and easily personalise it, or change its character, or both. There are so many options with what you can do with a bike, with paint work, fabrication work, customising.

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H-D P&A: Steel Chrome Rim front, Sub Assemby Rear Hub Chrome, Engine Mount Upper, Kit Handlebar FXS right & left. Vintage White Footpeg Kit and Shifter Peg. White Exhaust Wrap, Kit Fuel Cap Flush Mount. Fat Bob rear fender.


Other: Easyriders Speedo Mounting, Shinko front and rear tyres, Taylor 8mm Plug Wire Kit, Burly Slammer rear shocks, Micro Bullet chrome LED indicators, Bel Air LED rear light assembly, School of Cool Vintage Yellow headlight, Biltwell Sporty seat. 


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