Shovel Eight

Cowboy Harley-Davidson® with Vidor H.S. (Vidor, TX) and Port Neches-Groves H.S. 

Model :ROAD KING Category :CHOP
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Not too many bike builders start out as graphic artists, but that’s how it was for Cowboy H-D® Crew Chief Shawn Barrows. After working at a sign shop for more than seven years, he found himself looking for work. So he asked his buddy, Mikey Naquin, if Cowboy Harley-Davidson® was hiring.


“Do you have a basic set of tools?” Mikey asked.


“Yes,” Shawn replied. “I had a single-shelf toolbox my dad gave me when I was young. That’s where it all started. Today, I would need a forklift to lift my toolbox.”


That’s because Shawn is now an Expert-level Harley-Davidson technician, working to become a Master. He leads the team that is building Cowboy H-D’s Battle of the Kings entry, “Shovel Eight.” Mikey’s also on the team, along with fellow techs Mason Murray and Mike Rawls. “Having a team of great guys to work with and build a very unique motorcycle has been an amazing experience!” Mike Rawls says.


Not surprisingly, Shawn’s artistic abilities shine brightly in the design – as do those of the rest of the team. It’s what you would expect from a well-rounded team that embraces a wide variety of interests outside motorcycling. As Shawn puts it, “Life in general is a passion.”




Disclaimer: Harley-Davidson does not endorse all the actions or viewpoints of these real people and their real motorcycles.


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