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Rock City Harley-Davidson® U. of Arkansas, Pulaski Technical College

Model :FATBOB Category :DIRT
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Rock City H-D® Crew Chief Dan “Lt. Dan” Neathery started out as more of a car guy. He and his brothers spent weekends at the drag strip helping their father race his 1969 Camaro SS. Motorcycles were more of a side thing – until their dad picked up a 1996 Fat Boy® motorcycle with a 96 cubic-inch S&S engine with a 3-inch open primary.


“Riding on the back of that motorcycle with him as a 15-year-old had me hooked,” Dan says.


It’s not just power and speed that attracts Dan to the motorcycle world. He also enjoys long-distance traveling. He rides tens of thousands of miles a year and in 2016 completed the Hoka Hey Motorcycle Challenge, a 10,000-mile endurance run across America.


But this team’s Battle of the Kings entry is inspired by the area’s history in another kind of run.


“We're building what we believe is a modern interpretation of a Prohibition-era moonshine runner,” Dan says. “It’s a tribute to the days when fast cars were king but Harley-Davidson® motorcycles were the coolest things on the roads – which we think they still are.”


For a car guy whose career is now centered around motorcycles, it sounds like the perfect combination of history, speed, creativity and good taste.


Disclaimer: Harley-Davidson does not endorse all the actions or viewpoints of these real people and their real motorcycles. 


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