The Dirt Chipper

Schaeffer’s Harley-Davidson® with Schuylkill Technology Center 

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Some motorcycle dreams begin on the floor of a family Harley-Davidson® dealership. For Glen Piazza, it all started in the fields of his family farm.


“When I was young, I used to sit in the grass on my parents’ farm,” he recalls. “Every day I waited to watch two employees ride in and out for the day on their motorcycles. And I would dream of the day when that would be me.”


That day is now, as Glen finds himself crew chief for the Schaeffer’s Harley-Davidson® Battle of the Kings build team. His approach to the job reflects his philosophy that Harley® motorcycles are like tattoos. “They both have meaning,” he explains. “They both express who we are and the roads we have traveled.”


His crew shares his passion for self-expression, in all its different forms. Jason “J.T.” Modesto, for example, grew up racing BMX bikes, but soon turned to custom bikes as a creative outlet. He still rides a 1984 Ironhead Sportster® model he built himself, and has changed many times over the years. He lives by the motto, “Go big, go fast or go home!”


Cody Burns started racing motocross, and honed his mechanical skills at the Schuylkill Technology Center. It’s the same tech school the dealership is partnering with on this build, so giving back to those students and helping them learn the trade is especially personal. And as for Matt "Frog" Yourkawitch, he just needed something new and exciting to do after years of working on F-15 fighter jets in the U.S. Air Force.


They’ve all come a long way, from different places. But now they all have the same goal: to see how far they can go in the Battle of the Kings.



Disclaimer: Harley-Davidson does not endorse all the actions or viewpoints of these real people and their real motorcycles.




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