FXGTS Coast Glide

Laidlaw’s Harley-Davidson® with UTI/MMI

Model :SPORT GLIDE Category :RACE
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When Laidlaw Crew Chief Keith Hurt builds a custom bike, he makes sure it’s more than simply a collection of parts.


“I like to get components, parts and accessories from other models of bikes and figure out how to incorporate them and make them fit on a different model,” he explains. “Like an update or upgrade to the original, as if the factory had made it that way in the first place.”


The team calls its bike the “FXGTS Coast Glide,” representing the different pieces and parts that make up the whole: “FX” for the dual-disc brake front end, with mid controls. “GT” for Grand Touring. “S” for the sport styling – “paying homage to the Sport Glide® model we started with.” And “Coast Glide” in honor of the famous highway nearby.


“Our project is a throwback to the FXRT styling with a Southern California twist, paying tribute to the Pacific Coast Highway and the Southern California influence on modern performance cruisers,” Keith explains.


As a concept, it covers a lot of ground. As a design, it’s far more than the sum of its parts. And as a 2019 Battle of the Kings entry, it’s definitely one to be reckoned with.


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