Katso Pyörät Rekisteröidy Nyt Tietoja Aiemmat Voittajat Ole Yhteydessä Custom-kuninkaaseen

Brass Forty-Eight Racer

Harley-Davidson Järvsö


My interest in motorcycles and Harley-Davidson started when I was about 5 years old, when my uncle gave me a poster he had in his room that I always pointed and looked at with big eyes and dreamed away from the first time I saw it. It was the classic picture when they drive on their Harleys from the movie Easy rider, since then it was motorcycles for all. When we started brainstorming for the Battle of the Kings, me and Ronald, our chief mechanic, we realized we wanted to build a racing inspired bike, and we came to mind 1928 Harley 4valve racer. Ronald has a great experience as a racing mechanic and has a great interest in old motorcycles. We started with a Forty-Eight®, with the strong 1200cc engine that we mounted rear-mounted foot control, clip on handlebar, a lot from the new brass collection, and the daymaker headlight. All this is original accessories from the P&A catalog. In addition to this, we wanted to put some personality on the bike, so we turned some brass details, and we made fenders from used raw material. And some aftermarket parts as, exhaust system, rocker covers and turn signals.


Anders Larsson, Harley-Davidson Järvsö

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