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King of Spades

Bowker Harley-Davidson


Custom King: Andy Sealeaf, 45, Technician


If ever proof was needed that personal customisation can be done professionally, quickly and affordably from a parts catalogue, Bowker Harley-Davidson has it in the form of “King of Spades” – so-called because of its all black finish. Those “parts” are predominantly all from the Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Parts & Accessories catalogue, most of which are dealer stock items


The idea was simple,” says Greg Lockhart, Brand Manager at Bowker H-D. “To build a Harley café racer from the parts catalogue that was easy to duplicate with a few extra custom parts to make it quick to build and at a reasonable cost.”


H-D P&A: Café Racer tail section, Clip-on handle bars, Bar end mirrors, Café Racer rear sets, Screamin’ Eagle Street Cannon silencers, Rail high-flow air filter. Other components: Burly Café front fairing, side mount number plate kit, speedometer relocation kit, Stage I fuel/ignition mapping. Detail decals sourced locally.

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