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Gold Flake 48

Cap's Harley-Davidson Aarhus



At Cap’s Harley-Davidson Aarhus Kim Nielsen, sales and Daniel Jensen, mechanic has been the primary team creating an awesome custom bike for the 2018 competition – but the process has engaged and inspired the whole dealership.

Kim Nielsen tells about the initial thoughts: ”From the start we were determined that we would create a bike for daily use and we wanted to keep the budget down. We see the competition as a great opportunity to show people that it’s affordable and within reach to get a fantastic custom motorcycle.”

”Basically there are four key parts on this bike. We used three original Harley-Davidson accessories: That’s the cafe racer style tail section, the Clubman handlebar and the rear-mounted footpeg kit. We combined it with the old-school tyres with the custom tyre letters to complete the cafe racer look. We wanted to keep the original gold flake colour combined with the black. We painted small details on the wheels, the pulley, the pushrod covers, side covers and we had the front fork black-coated,” says Kim Nielsen.


Mechanic Daniel Jensen continues: ”It’s not only the look we have changed on the bike. We have trimmed the engine, mounted a small air cleaner kit and a 2-in-1 exhaust system for a much better performance and sound. To give the bike a cleaner look we have lifted the tank and put the wire harness under it to make some space between the engine and the frame. The rear-mounted controls gives you the aggressive riding style. We’re really proud of the result.”


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