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Dublin Harley-Davidson


Custom King: Kenny Roetsch, 37, Head Technician


“Quarantotto” – the bike – is the brainchild of Kenny Roetsch, Head Technician at Dublin Harley-Davidson. However, the name of this modern-day Bobber came from another member of the Dublin Harley-Davidson team. “Quarantotto” translated from Italian is 48, which is genius tagging when you consider the donor build bike is a Sportster Forty-Eight. Another touch of brilliance is the fact that even though Quarantotto closely mimics an old-school Bobber, it has been built to be an everyday commuting tool. which is just what Dublin’s customer required.


Kenny Roetsch’s biggest challenge of this build was to make it comfortable and practical to ride every day while capturing the Bobber stance… and retaining clean lines. Careful selection of parts played a big part in the design build, and also custom build and riding experience. The outcome is a dark Custom Harley-Davidson that Dublin envisaged from the outset and excatly what Dublin’s customer required.



H-D P&A: Leather Solo saddle, Rigid seat mount, XL Drag Bars, Riser Spacer kit, clutch cable and brake lines, chopped rear fender, Contour rubber grips and footpegs, Black Short Shot exhaust pipes. Other components: billet air filter kit, 11in suspension kit, side-mount number plate, LED rear indicators, large drop mirrors with built-in Led indicators, speedometer side-mount kit.



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