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Harley-Davidson Big Five


"Slayer" pays homage to eradicating all forms of Fear and Evil. And in today's terms, "The Competition"!




The concept that the team at Big Five, led by Shaun Brown, wanted to achieve was a simple yet refined look with the focus being the custom spray job. Just like in the Victorian era Vampire Slayers were few and far between. Their presence was always praised and they were worshiped as heroes. 




Slayer carries that very same attribute! A once off custom spray job that is few and far between and equipped with Vance and Hines short shots that lets you hear its presence. The Chizzled Bars along with the Cafe Solo rider seat compliment each other in comfort and rider positioning.




"Face your Fear and Hit Slayer into Gear"


custom spray job




Vance and Hines short shots




Cafe Solo rider seat

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