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Dankim48 aka HPP48 aka Sportsteritza

Harley-Davidson Malmö


We at ProBike Malmö have a soft spot for the old school and vintage style. That made the choice of bike, Sportster Forty-Eight®, pretty easy. It’s such a cool bike from the start. Our vision was to keep the bobber theme but clean it up and make it look custom and classy. Our bike had the red Hard Candy tank with flames and of course blacked out engine. Add some of the new Brass collection and the result is awesome colorwise.

With the Candy thank, some auxiliary bling from Kellermann, fresh whitewalls on wire wheels and other big and small mods we bump the bobber-style to something classic yet modern.


The Custom King, Kim Dorén describes himself as just a rad dude who’s a real petrolhead. He loves all kinds of classic bikes and especially the custom and racing ones!

We love the result, hope YOU do as well!


H-D components:
H-D original wirewheels 41388-10 + 41478-10A
H-D/Dunlop original whitewall tires 55192-10
H-D Hollywood handlebar 55800579
H-D derby cover brass 25700517
H-D timer cover brass 25600059
H-D fuel cap brass 61100079
H-D inspection cover black 34794-05A
H-D cover rear axle black 43013-09A
H-D cover front axle black 43000026
H-D rocker cover black 17655-05 x2
H-D cover starter black 34800007
H-D bobber solo saddle 52000277
H-D grip nostalgic 56275-96B
H-D rigid mount seat hardware 52100016
H-D backplate airbox black 29000009A
H-D insert aircleaner brass 61400339
H-D  heatshield drilled black 65400137A
H-D shifter peg defiance black 33600111
H-D efi super tuner 32109-08C
H-D protective cap 89579-91
H-D wheel bearing 9276B x2
H-D sleeve wheel 43905-08
H-D wheel bearing 9252A x2
H-D rim band 40875-11 x2
H-D gasket muffler 65900017 x2
H-D sleeve 11888
H-D gasket rocker cover 17362-07B x2

     Additional parts:
Easyriders rear fender
Easyriders front fender
Cult-Werk Fork cover kit
Cult-Werk rear fender cover
Cult-Werk turn signal holders front
Cult-Werk turn signal holders rear
Kellermann Bullet 1000 DF rear light + turn signal
Kellermann Bullet 1000 PL front turn signal
Python slip on black
RSD drive belt guard
Thunderbike side mount licensplate holder
License light black
Cult-Werk lowering kit rear
Biltwell rocker footpegs
Kuryakyn front pulley cover black

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