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The Kolkata Street-Knight


Modello :STREET 750

Inspired by emotions generated by Bengal’s rich heritage, BH-D presents its showcase for BOTK 2018 – the Kolkata Street-Knight (KSN). Drawing on the antithetical character of the Bhadralok-Reformer who spearheaded the Bengal Renaissance in the late-19th century, the KSN blends regular H-D garb elements and ride comfort with an over-the-edge character that is not afraid to walk the wild side.

A strictly enforced makeover discipline has been adhered to at every stage of design and fabrication. We did not want to tamper with the fundamental stability and ride-geometry of the stock bike. Hence the stock frame and powertrain have been retained along with the seat. However, while keeping the rear suspension intact, we have modified the front-fork assembly to that of a Sportster. The wheels have been changed with the stock alloys altered to spokes, and both rims upsized by 2 in. The rear wheel has also been shod with broad 160 section rubber. The end result is a bike which feels like stock, but with higher ground-clearance and stronger suspension is completely at home both on tarmac and on dirt. To handle the rough with the smooth and reinforce the dual character, we have replaced the stock handlebar with a stylish Chizeled bar for the hands-up feel of a mini-ape and to give a more upright riding-stance and gentleman-like control. And, to give it that special hooligan twist and performance edge, the stock muffler has been replaced with a wicked LeoVince MotoGP exhaust, with the bent-pipe dressed with glass-wool wrap. For illumination, the bike has been given 2 LED Daymaker Aux lamps to split the darkness and give a radical look to the front-end. And finally the petrol tank and cowl of the bike have been finished in H-D orange with a final flourish provided by a finely etched graphic of the Howrah Bridge


41300169KIT-BRAKE PAD FRON2967.19

41300161KIT-BRAKE PAD REAR2967.19


46998-11LWR-TRIPLE CLAMP A12097.66

46997-11UPR-TRIPLE CLAMP,P12991.41

48184-01SEAL, TAPERED ROLL78.13

48300-60STEERING HEAD BEAR1438.14


40502-06TUBE 17 CENTER MET2175


41316-10TUBE, 19" CENTERED2109.38


43250-07160/70B17, REAR17139.84

56100199KIT,GRIP,1" H-BAR,6597.66

68355-05WIRE HARNESS653.91

41700385KIT-LEVER ASY,BRAK1070.31

40000016SECONDARY BELT,1686947.66

36700125CLUTCH LEVER809.32


72266-94DUALWALL SHRINK TU105.47

61200016GASKET,FUEL PUMP283.59

10038ACLAMP, HOSE44.07

92200100KIT-CUSTOM PAINT,D153132.8

68000173KIT-AUX LAMP,LED,426400

43300099SPACER,LH/RR WHL400.78

41750-06BANJO BOLT, BRAKEL182.2


31600051SE 10MM PHAT SPARK1975.78



44623-04KIT, BRAKE CALIPER1152.34

44476-99CALIPER INSERT-HAR1118.75

43000062KIT-COVER,FRT AXLE4947.66

50600188DEFIANCE BRK PEDAL3627.34

33600100DEFIANCE SHIFTER P2637.5

25600034KIT-RH ENGINE MEAL 1980.47

25700308KIT-LH ENGINE MEDA 1980.47

TOTAL:      INR 295218.88


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