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Harley-Davidson’s roots in racing was a big inspiration for the build, with our team drawing on the XR750’s countless AMA dirt track racing wins along with the legacy left by AMA Class “C” racing which was born in the 1930’s.

Looking to the future of dirt track racing, our team chose the Street Rod 750, which complies with the 45 cubic inch engine size regulations of Class “C” and later AMA dirt track series. The idea of “Race on Sunday, ride to work on Monday” was our goal, so we kept it relatively road legal, complete with headlamp, indicators, speedo and even a pillion seat!

Northside Harley-Davidson General Manager, Ben McIntyre, wanted the project to be a true team effort, so every Northside team member had input in the build which created a real buzz around the shop.

In honour of the indomitable XR750 and Class “C” legacy, we are proud to introduce our Street Rod 750, code-named The Class "C" Racer.


With few aftermarket bolt-on parts available for Street Rods, to achieve the features needed we adapted and manufactured several parts to suit.

  • The 19” wheels for example are all genuine Harley-Davidson parts
  • Custom made spacers
  • Custom chain drive conversion
  • Buchanan’s 19” spokes in the rear to nail the look we were after
  • The Termignoni muffler is designed for a Ducati Scrambler, which we adapted to suit and gives the bike a snappy response and serious snarl!
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