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Speedster Evolution

Harley-Davidson Täby


So, our entry this year is more of an evolution of last year Speedster, we kept some of the best parts, like the clubman handlebar, Superlow®s 17 & 18 inch wheels etc, but most of the parts are new.


Gone are the peanut style fuel tank, replaced with a larger legacy gas tank. And this year we’ve gone for a more colorful paintjob that include the wheels, brake discs, and sprocket.


We’ve decided to use H-D:s P&A café custom tail but with a subtle modification for a smoother look. Now it looks even more aggressive and sleeker then last year’s build.


But why the Forty-Eight®? Simply, it’s the best Sportster to modify, you can go in any direction you want, classic bobber, café racer, scrambler, etc… Only you and your wallet set the limits. 


Last year, the two Andreas built and design the bike, gone are Andreas Bengtsson who featured on last year’s bike, leaving only Andreas Nordström to build this year’s bike, (with help from the small team at ProBike Täby of course.) 


Andreas have modified bikes for the shop for the last 10 years or so, and have an eye for the smallest of details and a passion for perfection!


Café custom tail section: 59500644

Clubman Handlebar: 55800342

Rear set foot controls: 50700040

Cut back side covers: 57200139 & 57200140

Front spoiler: 58882-04BDK

Superlow® 18” Front wheel: 43300282

Superlow® 17” Rear wheel: 40900291

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