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West Coast Harley-Davidson


Custom King: Fraser Hine, 52, Aftersales Advisor & Custom Specialist


Custom Specialist for Scotland’s West Coast Harley-Davidson, Fraser Hine is no stranger to Battle of the Kings. This year, Fraser has gone deep within Harley’s 115 years of heritage to produce “Enlisted” – a superb modern-day replica of the wartime FL model that served the U.S.A’s wartime armed forces. In this case, the U.S. Navy. Look closely to search out the choice details; one such example is the dummy hinge on the rear fender. The original hardtail model had a fixed fender but a hinge allowed the fender to pivot in order to remove the rear wheel.



If there was one area of “Enlisted” that stretched Fraser it would have to be the fitment of a “suicide shift” gear lever system… details are so much more than details when they actually work, too. Aiding ‘realism’ is the all-black finish combined with the battleship grey paint scheme plus a ‘chunky’ front end from a Softail Heritage.


H-D P&A: Hollywood Handlebars, Get A Grip handgrips, leather solo spring seat, Softail Deluxe rear fender, tail light and indicator bar, custom painted air cleaner, Dome Mirror kit, front and rear axle nut covers, Heritage LED headlamp, custom painted Defiance headlamp trim and exhaust wrap. Other components include: seat springs and brackets (in-house seat fitting kit fabrication), black plastic bolt covers, ‘suicide shift’ gear lever. Fabrication of fenders, ‘suicide shift’ and custom paintwork by Gus of Muddy Beach Customs, Bo Ness, Scotland. 


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