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The Ultimate Bike

Cap's Harley-Davidson Copenhagen


At Cap’s Harley-Davidson Copenhagen the four mechanics Nico Jensen, Dennis Jensen, Kristian Mosel and Tom Ivø have worked together creating this magnificent custom bike.


Tom Ivø says: ”The overall idea was generated from our wanting to celebrate Harley-Davidson 115th anniversary creating a new dirt track bike meeting the old style. The design is also a tribute to legendary Harley-Davidson racer Otto Walker, one of the leading racers of the 1910s and early 1920s and one of Harley-Davidson’s first factory riders. Otto Walker made numerous speed records during his career and he became the first to win a motorcycle race at an average speed above 100mph.”


Tom Ivø continues: ”Our collaboration with air brusher Frederik Larsen has been inspiring. He has done an excellent job with the dirt track scrambler look, painted in orange on both sides meeting Harley-Davidson’s clean 115th anniversary blue. We went with the Sportster Forty-Eight because it was a cool bike to make long and lean and it was ideal for the dirt track theme. 


”It has been a great team effort all along with lots of enthusiasm and energy. Everyone has contributed and even brought parts to the bike. Nico came up with the cut rear fender, Frederik painted it in orange and blue – and it has become a very characteristic part of the custom bike.”

”We couldn’t really decide on the seat. Initially we started with the original one and then we came up with different ones until Lars, our boss, brought this one – and it’s simply perfect. 


For the tyres and the wheels, we chose the fat spoke wheels front and rear and 200 rear tyre and 21 inch front. The titanium exhausts gives the bike the racy look. The 2018 Softail Breakout™ LED headlamp adds a modern touch between the 3D printed decorative front fork springs.


We’re proud to deliver this bike to the competition – created through a fantastic teamwork.

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