Till Motorcykeln Registrera Dig Nu Om Tidigare Vinnare Kontakta En Custom King

GLORY 1903


Modell :STREET 750

Motorcycles are beautiful. Custom motorcycles even more so. That is what I do. I am Debanjan Roy, a part of the Capital H-D team. Thanks to Battle of the Kings and Harley Davidson, I have the opportunity to pay homage to Harley Davidson and its great history by the means of a custom motorcycle. Battle of the Kings is a competition held by Harley Davidson. I have been given the opportunity to work on a Harley Davidson Street 750. I call my build Glory. Glory 1903. Also, we are using the stock engine and scrap parts to complete the build to make it cheapest custom-modified Street 750 that there is. My inspiration was the journey of Harley Davidson and its dominant presence around the world. I’ll start with the tank which has been painted to look like a globe. The rear of the chassis has been cut away to give way to a backrest. The blue colored side panels compliment the tank. The white seat on the other hand compliments the broad white-wall tyres. The footpegs are also colored in white and the handlebar grips get a leather treatment. The skull right above the headlight. The Willie G Skull. A tribute to the man himself—Willie G. Davidson. All in all, the Glory 1903 is one splendid motorcycle that is a moving culmination of the 115 years of greatness that Harley Davidson has achieved and it is my way of thanking the brand for being what it is—A legend


41388-10 WHEEL RIM, SPORTSTER 48 FRONT Rs. 33639.06 41478-10A WHEEL RIM, SPORTSTER 48 REAR Rs. 33639.06 46009-10 UPPER TRIPPLE CLAMP Rs. 18922.66 46014-10 LOWER TRIPPLE CLAMP Rs.18176.56 45400017 FRONT FORK ASSAMBLY LH Rs.20459.38 45400018 FRONT FORK ASSAMBLY RH Rs.20459.38 54000086 REAR SHOCK Rs.19976.56 68297-05A HEAD LAMP Rs. 6699.22 55800582 HANDLE BAR Rs. 1778.91 43118-92A FRONT TYRE WHITE WALL 16” Rs.13947.66 43353-03 REAR TYRE WHITE WALL 16” Rs.16453.91 40572-11 INNER TUBE FRONT Rs.2175.00 40572-11 INNER TUBE REAR Rs.2175.00 9276 B WHEEL BEARING Q4 Rs.4728.80 48300-60 STEARING HEAD BEARING Q2 Rs.2876.28 11000188 DUST SEAL Rs.231.26 500500421 FOOT PEG Rs.9240.62 31600048A SE 10MM SPARK PLUG WIRES Rs.1975.78 43000026 AXLE COVER FRONT Rs.1977.34 29400128 SE HIGH FLOW AIR FILTER KIT BLACK Rs.26424.00 41800171 BRAKE LINE Rs.4149.15 69060-90H HORN KIT Rs.2967.19 TOTAL Rs.233072.78

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